Monday, March 2, 2015

Magical Monhegan

Marshall Point Lighthouse
Monhegan Island's 550 acres include rocky shoreline, dense forests, a charming village, and a lighthouse. Located 10 miles offshore and accessible only by ferry, the island's unhurried pace, relaxed atmosphere, and spectacular scenery has made it a longstanding favorite with generations of artists.

On our way to catch the ferry we happened upon Marshall Point Lighthouse, only a short drive from the ferry dock in Port Clyde. The light and keeper's house are beautiful and we spent time discovering the best angles for photos of each.

A View from Cathedral Walk
Heading back to our car, we struck up a conversation with a local resident who offered us tips about what to see on Monhegan. Without his advice, we might never have experienced our magical encounter with fairy houses on Cathedral Walk. 

This beautiful hike leads you through thickly wooded forest to a breathtaking panorama of cliffs and sea. Along the way, visitors have constructed fairy houses from materials found along the path. Many Monhegan residents prefer the island's pristine wilderness and are not in favor of the tiny forest dwellings. However, we found them charming.
Fairy Houses
We took our time exploring along the way and spent almost three hours hiking, taking pictures, and soaking in the beautiful views. With a same day return ferry in the afternoon, we did not explore the lighthouse or southern end of the island. That is on our list of things to do this year.

I took so many pictures the day we were there, I completely drained my camera's battery. I now know to pack an extra one next time. Monhegan Island awakened my sleeping inner artist. With a history of extraordinary artists visiting its shores, it's easy to understand why.

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